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Call Toll-Free       (855) 352-5378    
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Medical Alert Devices

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MediButton is the premier healthcare monitoring device distributor in North America. We revolutionized the industry by creating the first ever fully mobile device. We are also the first (and one of very few) devices to be FCC approved to be worn on the body. 



3 Component Fall Detection

Compared to industry standard of one


Exclusive Emergency Contact Notification



GPS and WiFi Tracking

Provides more accurate locations


Best Audio Level on the Market

With our EZ Care Plus Model


Best Battery Life in the Industry

~ 3 years with EZ Care and EZ Care Plus Models


Water Resistant Pendants

Allows for broader use and better protection



Play Video
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Monthly monitoring as low as $25.00* per month!

*Price indicated requires an annual subscription paid for at checkout

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Additional Accessories Available



Lock Box

Monitored Smoke Detector



I had a heart attack - well, my heart failed. I broke my ankle as I fell, and when I came to, I was just staring at the sky. 

I pushed my button and you guys called 911 for me.

Thank you.


Deanna J. Beyer

June 6, 2009 

While I was walking through a park near my home. I fell into a group of large bushes. I was almost completely hidden under the leaves. I pushed the SOS button on my LifeBeacon, and the operator found me using GPS. She told the paramedics where I was, and I got help. Every senior who wants security and independence should have a LifeBeacon. 


LifeBeacon User

June 25, 2015

My dad tripped and fell on his way to the store. MediButton operators answered his alert right away. At his request, they called me. Within just a few minutes I reached dad's location, picked him up, and got him the attention he needed. We are so glad we found MediButton!

MediButton, Son

May 15, 2015


Here at Medi Button, we are proud to provide state-of-the-art equipment to over twenty-five thousand customers across the United States, and Canada. 

In 2012 Medi Button paired with LiveFree Emergency Response, Inc. in Pocatello, Idaho in order to provide our customers the highest quality in healthcare monitoring services to date. 

It is our mission to help customers remain safe, and independent. 

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